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Mail Boxes Etc. is a world wide franchise network of over 5,000 centres offering a wide range of shipping, packing and document services to businesses and the general public.

We Copy


At Mail Boxes Etc, we use state-of-the-art digital equipment to make copies that look like the original whether you want just one copy or thousands. We can print from email, Memory Stick, CD or Disk. Black & white or full colour - at Mail Boxes Etc., we answer all of your copying and duplicating needs.

We Pack

Packing foam dispenser

Mail Boxes Etc supplies packing boxes and material and provides a packing service. Whether it's a PC Notebook to Head Office or a Vase to Grandmama, we can assist. We have a good range of packing supplies in stock. Specialist requirements can usually be obtained fairly quickly. If packed by Mail Boxes Etc, an independent verification can be provided on what was packed, the condition of the goods at the time of packing and how it was packed.

We Print

Various prints

At Mail Boxes Etc., we can scan, design, modify and touch-up your work for you. We can accept your job by email or from disk, CD and memory stick. We would print just one copy or thousands of - e.g. Flyers, Birthday Cards, Invitation Cards, Newsletters, Personalised Mail-shots, etc., etc., etc.. We will assist with type of paper or card, finishing, folding and binding. At Mail Boxes Etc., we address all your printing needs.

We Ship


Mail Boxes Etc provides a convenient and hassle-free shipping experience - we will assist with the documentation required for export and custom clearance. Our staff will endeavour to find the best method to ship your items to almost anywhere in the UK or overseas. Just bring us your packages, we'll take it from there.

We Finish


At Mail Boxes Etc., we can add those finishing touches to help you produce the highest quality documents. We collate, fold, staple, laminate and bind. We even insert and label envelopes. Whether you use us for just finishing or from start-to-finish, our staff at Mail Boxes Etc will always do their best to help you meet your deadline.

We Receive


Exclusive mailbox rental featuring 24 hour access, 7 days a week. Used by (a) people who are always out when signature-required items are being delivered, (b) people needing a town centre or a local address, (c) people getting too many unsolicited visits from salespeople, and (d) people on the move needing their mail forwarded.

Other Services


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